WebGL Sand Toy

Here is a little WebGL experiment I wrote in the form of a fun particle simulation.  Individual pixels from a photo are rendered as separate GL points.  The particle physics are done on the GPU using a shader.  Somewhat directly inspired by a little app that a friend of mine wrote years ago.  But this one is done solely in Javascript/WebGL in a browser rather than in native code.

Give it a try.

See my Experiment on ChromeExperiments.com







  1. WebGL around the net, 13 October 2011 | Learning WebGL - pingback on October 13, 2011 at 1:49 pm
  2. Might be interesting to use this technique to arrange the particles to form other images, as I did (with larger blocks) here:


  3. It’d be great to use requestAnimationFrame for this, so it doesn’t eat up cycles when it’s in a background tab.

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